• All dancers will be dropped off and picked up from the parking lot

  • Each dancer will remove street shoes and place them on an X that is spaced in the common area with their bags & belongings. Street shoes are not permitted inside the studio

  • All lobbies are closed until further notice

  • Sanitizer will be provided for all dancers before they enter and exit the studio

  • Limited class sizes

  • Social distancing will be practiced
    • The facilities have been marked both in the studio and common areas to remind everyone to observe recommended social distancing
    • New signage has been hung throughout the building 
    • Dance floors are marked with a 10' grid for each dancer to have their own space

  • ​Masks & face coverings
    • ​All dancers, teachers and staff are required to wear masks at all times when inside the building
    • Parents should wear masks during drop-off and pick-up

  • Bathrooms
    • ​We have added new wall dispensers with hospital-grade antibacterial soap in each bathroom. No more free-standing soap bottles
    • Additionally, there is sanitizer outside of the restroom

  • Studio Sanitation
    • ​The studio uses only EPA approved disinfectants. The floor is sanitized between each group
    • The studio was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to our re-opening
    • All high tough surfaces will be sanitized frequently and thoroughly (door handles, doorknobs, and common areas)
    • The filters in all of the HVAC units have been replaced and upgraded
    • Air purifiers have also been purchased that stay on the floor

  • ​Parents are asked to utilize email for communication

 Covid-19 Regulations [Updated 10/15/20]

Regulations are subject to change based on Massachusetts phased in approach