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Class Descriptions

Ages 2-3 | Creative Movement

In this class, we invite young dancers to explore the realms of their imagination through music and movement. Through gentle exercises and structured,  interactive activities, our young dancers develop their motor skills, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. They'll learn to express themselves through the language of dance, building confidence and fostering creativity along the way. Our class encourages children to embrace their unique abilities and discover the joy of movement as their imaginations soar. Our creative movement dance class is for curious little ones ages 2-3 to take their first steps towards a lifetime of artistic expression.

Ages 4-6 | Ballet/Jazz

This combo class is for dancers between the ages of 4-6 and serves as an opportunity to introduce younger students to the grace of ballet vocabulary and vibrant, upbeat rhythms of jazz movement. In this class, students will discover the joy of self-expression through fluid movements and infectious melodies. This class aims to improve coordination, musicality, rhythm, sequencing, and build a solid foundation in dance technique. Dancers are encouraged to explore the space and new movement styles! 

Ages 7-9 | Ballet/Lyrical

This class is a blend of classical ballet technique and the artistic storytelling of lyrical movement. Experienced instructors will guide students in developing strength, flexibility, and a greater understanding of proper technique. In our nurturing and supportive environment, dancers will learn technical skills met with artistic expression. 

Ages 7-9 | Jazz/Hip Hop

This class is an upbeat, vibrant mix of classic jazz styles and hip hop fundamentals. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, students will develop their musicality, improve coordination, and build confidence as they embrace the exhilarating synergy of jazz and hip hop. Dancers will focus on proper jazz technique, improving on flexibility and strength in progressions and inspiring combinations. Through fun and engaging choreography, they'll have the opportunity to express their unique style and personality, fostering their own artistic voice.

Ages 13+ | Contemporary/Modern

This contemporary dance class offers a unique blend of technique, improvisation, athletic movement, and artistic exploration. Dancers will warm up with technical exercises further developing their strength and flexibility. Unique choreography will be explored through progressions and combinations. Dancers will work on proper alignment, dynamic floor work, challenge physical boundaries, and explore their individual artist voice.

Ages 13+ | Ballet

Dancers will continue to develop their ballet skills and terminology. Starting at the barre, moving to center and finally across the floor dancers will be challenged through advanced technical combinations with a focus on alignment and coordination. 

Ages 18+ | Contemporary

We strive to inspire dancers to develop their own artistic abilities while continuing to advance technically. This class starts with an energetic technical warm-up leading into phrase work emphasized by physically demanding movements couple with fluid transitions. This class provides technical emphasis while promoting vulnerability through movement quality. If you are interested in joining a community where you are able to train/perform/choreograph and receive professional photos, please check out the adult collective, the ensemble, HERE.

All Levels Mat Class | Stretch + Strength

This class is geared towards dancers and non dancers looking to strengthen their muscles while maintaining flexibility. This class will incorporate dynamic strength exercises, cardio bursts, and stretching exercises to increase range of motion.


Throughout this 60 minute practice you will be guided through an open level Vinyasa inspired flow. Cayla is passionate about the mind-body connection and how everyone can dive deeper into this connection through their yoga practice. Cayla’s class incorporates her dance knowledge to create an effortless flow. Her classes are rooted in finding our presence and innate strength.